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Print: "Attrapeur d'Oiseaux" (bird catcher)

ca. 1720
Origin: Germany
OH: 14" OW: 8 1/2" Plate H:12" Plate W: 8 1/4"
Hand-colored line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1956-162,5A
Print: Attrapeur d'oiseaux is the bird catcher. He carries the tools and products of his trade on his person as follows: 1. (on head) Une cage a trappe (cage trap); 2. (over head) filets (bird net); 3. (on basket) une chouette (screech-owl); 4. (in right hand) un apellan (decoy- bird); 5. (around waist) cage couverte (covered cage); 6. (at waist) une pioche (digger); 7. (at waist) vergettes gluees (sticky staffs); 8. (in left hand) toutes sortes d'oisseaux pris (all sorts of captured birds).
Label:In the mid-18th century, Martin Engelbrecht published a volume of 189 plates depicting 94 professions and the related tools of the trade. This print illustrates the bird catcher, the naturalist in the field. At the bottom of the print, Engelbrecht labeled the tools and other accoutrements needed for catching birds. The description reads: “1. A cage trap; 2. A bird net; 3. A screech owl; 4. A decoy bird; 5. A covered cage; 6. A digger or spade; 7. Sticky staffs; and 8. All sorts of captured birds.”
Mark(s):Cum Priv. Maj. Plate #107