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Print: "Garden of Earl of

18th century
Origin: England
OH: 10 1/2" OW: 16 1/8"
Hand colored line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1936-702
Print view; Foreground: man on terrace which overlooks garden; terrace has urns on the vorners of the balustrade; man appears to be conversing with someone below him; Background: people walking in the garden, which is an ally lined with trees and either figures or urns on pedastles; there are statues at the end of the garden; a gardener is seen working on the left hand side of the print; there are wlaks on either side of the garden.
Label:Built by the third Earl of Burlington, Chiswick House is a glorious example of 18th -century British architecture influenced by the Roman Palladian style. The gardens that grace the grounds are considered the birthplace of the English Landscape Movement. That movement incorporated rolling hills, small forests with water features, and formal gravel pathways winding through blooming perennials—thereby creating the English gardens that we recognize today. Chiswick’s gardens were designed by the landscape architect William Kent, who aimed to create a sense of ordered wilderness where large green vistas were connected by formal elements like James Wyatt’s central bridge over the canal.
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