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Print: "Lord Burlington's Orange Tree..."

Origin: Great Britain, England, London
Framed H: 14 1/2" Framed W: 21"
Hand colored line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1947-57
View, optique print; an exceedingly interesting print of a garden. The trees are planted in pots and are placed in a formal pattern around an obelisque and in front of a small Greek garden house. Large trees can be seen to the rear and in surrounding areas. Peacocks wander about, and dogs can be seen. In the rear are a few benches on which people sit.
Label:Beyond the exedra, or tall hedgerow, designed by William Kent at Lord Burlington’s Chiswick House was an area known as “The Orange Tree Garden.” That area contained a central obelisk surrounded by a small pool of water. Outside the pool stood three terraced rings lined with potted orange trees. During the long, English winters the orange trees were moved into an Orangery where the temperature was regulated; but in the summer they were moved out to adorn the lawn of his Romanesque garden.
Provenance:This plate is double mounted with title on back, for use with viewing devices such as optiques.
Mark(s):London, Printed for Robt Sayer opposite Fetter Lane Fleet Street.