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Two-handled covered cup

Origin: England, London
OH: 7 1/8"; OW: 10 1/2"; ODiam(cover): 6 3/4"
Silver (Sterling); Gold (Silver-gilt)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1938-30,A&B
Two-handled covered cup; cast finial of a fruit partially enclosed by four applied acanthus leaves with chased veins and matted surfaces soldered to center-top of cover; low-domed circular cover with four acanthus leaves in swirl arrangement on a matted ground chased in center of top, flat projection flange with molded face, and short bezel on underside fitting within rim of body; broad cylindrical body with slightly everted rim, nearly straight sides rounded at bottom, and circular foot composed of a short collar and flange with molded edge; lower section of body chased with alternate acanthus and palm leaves issuing from base; cast opposed voluted S-scroll handles with scroll-tops soldered at rim and to lower section of body. Gilded.

Label:The two-handled cup advanced rapidly in size and importance in the late seventeenth century. A cup, such as this, with a broad body with nearly straight sides and substantial scrolled handles, represents an intermediate type between cups of bulbous pear form (such as CWF accessions 1938-32 and 1972-43) and those of more imposing inverted bell form (such as 1942-37,1954-579, and 1954-632). The lower part of the body is high-chased with alternate acanthus and palm leaves, a form of conventionalized decoration especially popular on the bodies of cups and other drinking vessels of the 1670s and 1680s. The swirled acanthus leaves of the cover and the acanthus-wrapped fruit finial are features commonly found on cups of this type.

Provenance:Lord Braye (sold at Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, London, 1920)

H. H. Mulliner (sold at Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 1924; purchased by Permain)

William Randolph Hearst (sold by Parish-Watson & Co., New York, 1938)

Purchased by CWF in 1938.

Mark(s):On face of body below rim 1) Sponsor's mark "IN" in block letters with a device below within a heart, 2) lion passant, 3) date letter, 4) leopard's head crowned
On face of cover 1) Sponsor's mark "IN" in block letters with a device below within a heart, 2) lion passant, 3) leopard's head crowned, 4) date letter
Inscription(s):Contemporary arms of an unmarried lady and patrilinal member of Lucy of Charlecot, Warwickshire, engraved on face of body. Owner's initials " */*E*B*/*" in block letters engraved on underside of base.