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probably 1880-1940
Origin: England, London
H: 8 1/4"; D: 5 7/8" (top), 4 13/16" (base)
Silver (Sterling)
Gift of The Honorable Irwin Untermyer
Acc. No. 1955-302
Large beaker with tapered cylindrical body and slightly everted lip; flat bottom raised on high, shaped foot with narrow molded rim at base and narrow, reeded band at juncture to body.
Label:The unusually large size of this beaker and its cartoon-like engraving of the arms of the Colony of Virginia—complete with misspelled motto—are indications that it is a forgery. The marks, however, appear to be genuine and the composition of the metal alloy is typical of antique English silver. It is an alteration made from another hallmarked item, possibly an early church cup; the engraving was also added later to enhance its appeal to the American market.
Provenance:Hon. Irwin Untermyer, New York
Mark(s):Marked in relief on side of body near rim: 1) sponsor’s mark “AH” with three pellets above and one below in a shaped shield [see Jackson 1989, p. 131, for the same mark on a large alms dish dated 1685]; 2) leopard's head crowned; 3) lion passant; and 4) date letter "g" for 1684-85
Inscription(s):Later engraved with the arms of the Colony of Virginia: the shield divided by a cross; in first and fourth quarters an escutcheon with arms of England; in second quarter an escutcheon with arms of Scotland; in fourth quarter an escutcheon with arms of Ireland; supporters: two men in armor. The motto is engraved misspelled “EN DAY VIRGINIA QUINTAM.”