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Pocket, printed brown cotton

Origin: England
L. 18 1/4"; Width at top 6"; width at bottom 12 1/8".
Cotton, block printed
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1953-368
A long flat pouch shaped bag with slit in front, to be worn beneath a woman's skirt. The pocket is block printed against a dark ground (almost black) in a design of flower sprays of roses, carnations, etc. Colors include brownish-black ground, green, red, blue, and cream white. Backed by coarse white cotton. Remnants of old linen tapes indicate the method by which the pocket was tied about the lady's waist beneath her overskirt.

Construction History:

1. 1760-1800: Initial Construction
2. March 15, 1954: Cleaning, repairing, restoring by Ernest LoNano for Margaret Hunter Shop
Label:In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, women’s gowns did not have integral pockets stitched in. Instead, to carry their necessities women wore pouches around their waists beneath their skirts.