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Curtain panel, floral chintzes

2nd half 18th century
Origin: India (center); France (borders)
L: 163 1/2" W: 54 1/2"
Cotton, silk
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1937-165,6A
Long curtain for window or bed. Central panel has overall floral designs in polychrome on a white ground (colors include red, blue, purple, brown, black, yellow, and green on glazed white cotton ground). Panel is framed by undulating French block printed blue-ground floral patterned band that is appliqued. Crossing it at regular intervals are large white appliqued leaves with polychrome floral designs which are part of the central panel. At the top and bottom of the panel the appliques appear as large stylized leaf or palmette forms. All apliqued areas are finished along stitching lines with blue and white decorative tape, and the whole is framed by a border of French block-printed floral pattern on red ground and edged with narrow blue-ground floral fabric. Narrow blue border is missing on right side. Modern linen lining.
Label:This costly curtain is part of a set that once hung in a lavish European house. The set probably included window curtains and hangings for a tall-post bed. Measuring almost fourteen feet in length, each curtain has a different white-ground Indian chintz at its center, bordered by dark-ground European block-printed textiles.