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Origin: Europe, France
OL: 22"; Waist: 24"; Chest: 30 1/2" Textile repeat: 12 3/4"; 48 warps/in.; 52 wefts/in.
Cotton, block-printed; linen lining.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1962-259
Woman's jacket of a printed cotton in a design of undulating vines bearing flowers, leaves, and buds, block-printed in red, purple, blue, yellow, and overprinted green. The jacket is fitted with a rounded neck cut low in front and hip- length "peplum" skirt flaring out over the hips and forming a point in the back. The jacket is laced down the front with 10 pairs of eyelets. The sleeves are fitted and cover the crook of the elbow. Blue gimp trim sewed around edge of sleeve is not original. Linen lining. The jacket was probably worn with a stomacher or kerchief filling in the front.

Construction History:
1. Initial Construction 1775-1785
2. Date Unknown- blue gimp trim sewed around edges of sleeves
Fitted jackets worn with separate petticoats were practical and comfortable for work and informal occasions. They were more economical than gowns because they did not require full overskirts with yards of fabric. This jacket was either laced over a triangular stomacher, now missing, or worn with a large kerchief that filled in the front.

A poor women might have worn such a jacket of printed cotton as her "best" outfit, while one of greater wealth could have selected it for daytime wear.
Provenance:Purchased from a New York dealer who had acquired the jacket in Europe.