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Barber's apron, printed

Origin: Europe, France (probably)
OW: 34" X 49 1/2" Selvage W: 34"
Tabby cotton, block printed to form with pencil blue and overprint green.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1951-482
Large flat, rectangular apron with curved cut-out for neck, printed on white cotton with central flowering tree, four clusters of flowers in corners, and a 3" floral border around all edges. Tape ties at neck.

Construction History:

1. 1750 -1775: Initial Construction
2. May 20, 1954: Cleaning, repairing, restoring by Ernest LoNano for Margaret Hunter Shop.
Label:Shaving or Dressing Apron
Probably France, 1750-1775
Cotton block printed and mordant painted with pencilled blue and overprint green, marked with silk cross-stitches
Gentlemen wore aprons to protect their clothing while getting shaved or having their wigs powdered. The block-printed textile in this example imitates more expensive Indian chintz textiles. The initials L. H., probably indicating the printing firm, were incorporated in two places during the printing. Meticulous cross-stitched initials and the number 3 are worked into one corner to help identify the owner after the apron was sent out for laundry.
Mark(s):Two partial marks within oval/square reserves in lower hem; indecipherable.