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Castle and Soldier Set

Origin: Germany
3 3/4" H. - soldiers The set fits in a 24" x 18" space when set up.
Wood, paper, and paint
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1962.1200.43
This set consists of a main building that can be flanked by two towers, two large wall pieces and two slanted end wall pieces. The wall pieces have cannon barrels jutting out from the middle window. The tops of the buildings are crenellated, made by paper cut to shape.. Also in the set are five tents that are white with blue trim and five tents that are white with red trim. There are a number of soldiers, cannons, caissons, and barrier pieces
Label:Brick and stone forts were strategically placed throughout America in the 19th century. While they might not have the grandeur and long history of the European castles and battlements, they were impressive structures that were actively being used – not just monuments visited on a family vacation. Newspapers covered battles both domestic and abroad and included rousing engravings of battles and soldiers. Boys safe at home could dramatically recreate recent events or imagine their own heroic stories with the help of wooden soldiers and forts.