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Face jug

Origin: America, North Carolina, Vale
H: 9"
Stoneware, salt-glazed, brown and white
Gift of Edward A. Chappell
Acc. No. 1991.900.5
Jug with strap handle and modeled, distorted facial features. The body is largely swirled (striped) in two colors of clay, but the handle and lips are only the darker color. Ears are long and pointed at top. Mouth is open and crooked, revealing irregularly-shaped white teeth. Tip of nose is pressed against the face, turning the nostrils upwards. The eyes bulge, and one looks toward the nose, the other up. The bridge of the nose is a continuation of the two thick, striated eyebrows, above which two horns project, bending in directions independent of one another. Shallow wavy incised lines enclosed by straight incised lines form a decorative band on the shoulder of the jug, and the neck is banded with straight incised lines.
Label:Swirled or striped ware has become one of Charles Lisk's specialties. To produce this effect, the potter arranges cubes of two or three colors of clay in a checkerboard pattern before pulling them up on the wheel.