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Origin: America, Kentucky, Isonville
Overall: 10 x 26 x 4 1/2in., 86lb. (25.4 x 66cm)
Gift of Ellin and Baron Gordon
Acc. No. 1999.907.1
A rectangular block of sandstone carved in the shape of a crouching fox. Reddish coloration in the stone is evident in the animal's right cheek and right front foot. His tail wraps around his body, his mouth slightly open, his eyes almond-shaped in the manner of a human's. Identification of the animal as a "fox" apparently comes from the artist's conversations with the donors.
Label:Tim Lewis, a native of Kentucky, began carving objects from wood when he was 36. A year later, he carved his first stone sculpture, a Noah’s Ark. Many of his stone pieces are biblical or historical figures or animals. This fox appears hunkered down as though preparing to spring. His tail curls tightly against his body in an apparent attempt to make himself as compact as possible. The sculptor's simplified form and incised details capture a wild creature's compressed energy. The pinkish hue of the Fox's right cheek and right front foot are the result of a naturally occurring iron ore deposit, and the small glittering grains dispersed throughout the stone are quartz fragments.
Provenance:The piece was acquired directly from the artist by AARFAM's donors.
Inscription(s):"T. LEWIS 93" is incised on the tail of the animal.