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Mounted Soldier Crank Toy

Origin: Germany
OH: 4 7/8" x OW: 1 1/4" x OD: 3 3/8"
Wood, paper, and paint
Gift of Anonymous Donors
Acc. No. 1971-865
A single mounted soldier is attached to a narrow rectangular box. the soldier is dressed in a high red hat, a blue jacket and red pants. In front of the horse at the two corners of the box are two small trees made of wood shavings. The back legs of the brown horse rest in a hole in the top of the box and connect to a piece of wood in the box. A large crank protrudes at the front. When the crank is turned, the horse moves up and down as if galloping. As the front hooves strike the hollow box, a sound is made. The four sides of the box are covered in printed paper.