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Village scene

Origin: Germany
11 1/4" x 11 1/2" x 8"
Wood, paint, paper, metal, and string
Bequest of Mrs. Effie Thixton Arthur
Acc. No. 1979.1200.89
The three-dimensional village scene consists of a backdrop of hills, a train, buildings, tunnel, windmill, shepardess and animals. The whole rests on a box that conceals the crank mechanism that activates the scene. The box is on four small feet. When the crank is turned the train comes out of the tunnel and rides across the bridge and the windmill turns. The windmill, shepardess and animals are on the lower level. A pathway leads up the hill past a few more buildings that leads up to the level of the train. The crank also turns a metal spiked wheel that creates music as it goes around.