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Rotating Broiler

Origin: America
Overall: 3 1/4 x 24 1/2in. (8.3 x 62.2cm) Diameter: 10 3/4in. (27.3cm)
Wrought iron
Gift of Miss Vivian Sprinkle
Acc. No. 1958-124
Three legged rotating (or spinning) broiler with long, rectangular handle with twisted loop in end for hanging. The other end of the handle extends to middle of broiler where it is split, forming two braces which are bent downward to form the front two legs. A third leg is tenoned and riveted into the handle. A rotating circular broiler has flat outer rim, a medial strip and three undulating, rectangular strips on either side. Broiler riveted to handle and separated from it by an iron washer.
Label:While there were a number of kitchen utensils employed by early American cooks to prepare a variety, a rotating broiler was surely amongst the handiest. It is not too difficult to imaging a piece of meat or fish sizzling away atop of such a device, either in front of a strong fire or above a pile of coals placed directly on the hearth pavement. Not only could the food be easily flipped over to cook the other side, but it could be spun around to expose an underdone portion to the heat. In a pinch, a broiler could also be used as either a trivet or a stand too.
Provenance:Miss Vivian Sprinkle, Roanoke, VA