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Butterfly Pincushion and Needlecase

Origin: Great Britain, England, London; owned in Philadelphia, PA
OW: 3 1/2' x 2 3/4" on paper 5 x 7 3/4"
Steel, silk velvet, glass, paperboard stiffening, and paper
Gift of Beatrix T. Rumford
Acc. No. 2006-95
This is a pincushion and needlecase in the shape of a butterfly with wrapped-head steel pins stuck into the edges to form a repeated pattern of pinheads. The body of the butterfly is brown velvet, with a gold bodkin fastened to bottom of body and pins forming eyes and antenna. The wings have 2 round glass ornaments. The butterfly is stitched to green-edged embossed stationery with handwritten inscription, "Purchased in London/ by L.C. Morris, and/ presented to her cousin/ Esther M. Roberts--/about 1830."
Provenance:According to the Beatrix Rumford (the donor), Lydia S. Coates Morris lived 1804--September 12, 1837. She married 4-25-1822 Jacob Giles Morris (7/20/1800-9/27/1854). Esther Morton Roberts (1785-1876) was the younger of two surviving daughters of Catherine Deshler Roberts (1752-1837). Esther inherited the Affleck chest on chest (now at CWF) from her mother, Catherine. Esther subsequently gave the chest to her nephew, Samuel Canby (1811-1875), with whom she and her mother lived with for many years.
Mark(s):The pincushion and needlecase is attached to a piece of paper with this handwritten inscription in pencil: "Purchased in London/ by L. C. Morris, and/ presented to her cousin/ Esther M. Roberts--/about 1830."