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Liégeois Land Service Musket Bayonet

Origin: Belgium, Liège
Overall length: 21 9/16" Blade: 17" x 1 1/8"
Steel and iron
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1949-9,B
Standard bayonet of the "Pattern 1768" form, as imitated in Liège. Includes the pointed ring at the back of the socket and the step between the wide face of the blade and the shank.
Label:As faithful copies of the Brown Bess bayonet, those made in Liège only differ from British-made examples in small details and in their markings.
Provenance:From Lowther Castle, the seat of the late Lord Lonsdale, whose ancestor was Colonel of the Westmoreland Militia.
Inscription(s):Socket engraved with the company and weapon number "H / 71" in the crook of the mortice.