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A Plan of the Investment of York and Gloucester, Virginia

Origin: America, New York, New York
OH: 18" X OW: 15 3/4"
Black and white line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 2017-147
The upper left corner reads: "a PLAN of/ the INVESTMENT of/ YORK and GLOUSCESTER,/ VIRGINIA./ Tanner scu. / Published by C. Smith N. York."
Label:This map of the Yorktown battlefield is a reduced version of Sebastian Bauman's 1783 map (see 2017-242). This reduced version engraved by engraver Benjamin Tanner when he was just twenty-one years old. It was published in one of Charles Smith's publications on the American Revolution entitled "The Monthly Military Repository" (1796-1797) or the compilation of the American material from the series entitled "The American War from 1775 to 1783: with Plans."

William C. Wooldridge, "Mapping Virginia: From the Age of Exploration to the Civil War" (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2012), #167, pp. 181-183.