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Pattern 1769 Land Service musket

Origin: England, London and Birmingham
OL: 57 5/8" Barrel: 41 15/16" x .80 caliber
Walnut, iron, steel and brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1974-57
Pattern 1769 Land service musket of standard form, with walnut stock, round barrel, rounded brass mounts and straight-bottomed Pattern 1755 double-bridled lock.
Label:Few Brown Bess muskets in Colonial Williamsburg’s collection exhibit as much wear as this example. New at the onset of the war, it was originally issued to a new regiment in the British Army; the 71st, also known as Fraser’s Highlanders. This unit was two battalions strong and fought in almost every campaign of the Revolutionary War after it arrived from Scotland in 1776. Part of the Regiment arrived in Savannah in late 1778, kicking off an extended period of extremely hard service in the South culminating at Yorktown in 1781. Disbanded at the end of the War, this musket ended up in American hands, further contribution its worn and tired condition over the ensuing decades.
Mark(s):Lock engraved with "Crown GR" ahead of cock with "TOWER" behind, and a "Crowned Broad Arrow" is struck under the pan. Barrel is engraved "71 REGT 1T B" and is struck with the usual Ordnance View & Proof marks, in addition to the maker's mark "HB" (for Harris & Barker). Wristplate is engraved "A / 70."