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A Parish Feast, humbly Inscrib'd to the Church-Wardens, Vestrymen, Questmen, and Parish Officers.

Origin: England, London
OH: 9 3/4" x OW: 14 3/8"; Plate H: 9" x W: 13"
Black and white line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1954-486
The lower margin reads: "A Parish Feast, humbly Inscrib'd to the/ Church-Wardens, Vestrymen, Questmen, and/ Parish Officers. by S.r Guzzledown Tearefowl./ The Rev'rend Rosy Priest with mirthful glee,/ Tosses the Flass to Church Prosperity!/ His Jolly Clerk no less elated view!/ Better to amen here then in a Pew./ The Meager Reader grasps a Fowl his prey,/ ANother the Sly Warden does convey!/ Whilst the Arch Beadle not to Spoil the Joke!/ Wraps the theiv'd Bottle underneath his Cloak./ Publish'd According to Act of Parliament by T. Kitchin at N.o 59 Holborn Hill London."