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Origin: Great Britain, England, London
OH: 15" x OW: 11 1/2"
Black and white mezzotint
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1947-477,4
Lower margin reads: "R. Pyle Pinx.t/ Ja..s Watson fecit/ Pleasure is fled - Save where the Ball or play, / Or Opera, invite the Young and Gay; / Now blustring Winds & rude inclement Skies, / The Tippett, Muff and Cardinal defies./ Winter./ Printed for Carington Bowles next the Chapter House in S.t Pauls Church Yard London."
Label:One of a set of four prints depicting the seasons. A lovely young woman is shown in a winter landscape. She wears a large hat over her cap, a cloak trimmed in ermine over her dress, and her hands drawn up under her cloak. An icy branch is hanging over her head, and an icy pond and snow-covered house stands in the distance