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Origin: England, London
D: 2 7/8"; H: 2 15/16"
Soft-paste porcelain
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1962-37
Tall, handless cup (beaker) with five lobed edge painted with brown line is molded on the exterior with five long narrow (scolopendrium) leaves and decorated in overglaze polychrome with flowers, moths, and a caterpillar. It has a small leaf and a flower on the interior side and a flower on the interior bottom.

Raised anchor period.
Label:This pattern of scolopendrium leaves molded in relief was derived from earlier Chantilly examples. Various forms of teaware in the scolopendrium pattern were made during both the raised and red anchor periods. Most examples of the pattern have the leaves painted in green with yellow, while this and at least one other beaker bearing a raised anchor mark are among the few surviving examples painted with scattered flowers and insects. The scolopendrium design was later used at the Worcester porcelain manufactory.
Provenance:Ex coll: M.G. Kaufman, Chicago