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A/ MAP/ OF THE/ COUNTY of DEVON,/ WITH THE/ CITY and COUNTY/ OF/ EXETER,/ Delineated from an ACTUAL SURVEY, on Twelve Sheets of/ Imperial Paper, the Scale an Inch to a Mile.

Origin: England, London
OH: 20 5/8" x OW: 15 3/8"
Black and white line engraving with period hand color on laid paper and bound
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1992-50
The lower right cartouche reads: "A MAP/ of the COUNTY of/ DEVON,/ abridged from the 12 Sheet/ SURVEY/ By Benjamin Donn./ Engraved by Tho.s Jefferys,/ Geographer to his MAJESTY."
Provenance:Donn was the first winner of the Royal Societ y of the Arts award for a large-scale county may. It was this map, the County of Devon, t hat won him the award. It is of most importa nce to this collection since Lord Botetourt a subscriber to the work.