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"Pamela, Plate 8" (no title)

July 1, 1745
Origin: England, London
OH: 12 5/8" x OW: 16 1/4" (includes false margins); Plate H: 11 3/4" x W: 14 7/8"
Black and white line engraving with etching
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1968-280,8
The lower margin reads: "Jos. Highmore inv. et pinx./ L. Truchy sculpsit./ Pamela on her knees before her Father, whom she had discovered behind the door,/ having overturne'd the card-table in her way. S.r Simon Darnford, his Lady &c. observing her/ with eagerness and admiration. M.r B. struck with this Scene is waiting the Issue./ Pamela a genoux devant son Pere, qu'elle avoit decouvert derriere la porte, ayant renverse/ la table de jeu en se pressant. Le Chevalier Darnford, son Epouse, et les autres la regardent avec/ emotion, et admiration, pendant que M.r B. frappe de cette scene, en attend l'issue./ Published, according to Act of Parliament, July 1745."