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Liégeois Dragoon Carbine

Origin: Belgium, Liege
OA: 57 7/16" Barrel: 42 1/4" x .69 caliber
Walnut, iron, steel, and brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1982-15
Dragoon musket of standard form with walnut stock, round barrel, brass mounts and straight-bottomed Liégeois lock with one screw showing through on tail of lockplate.
Label:Beginning in the 1740s, various patterns of carbines and fusils began to be issued to specialist units of the British armed forces, like the Royal Artillery and different types of cavalry. Though the difference between a carbine and a fusil is not clear, both mean that a number of the shoulderarm’s features are smaller or shorter than an infantry musket. This carbine is one of the very few made for the Board Of Ordnance in Belgium during the Revolutionary War.
Mark(s):Lock engraved with "Crown GR" ahead of cock with "TOWER" behind. A crown is struck under the pan. Barrel is struck with the usual, but very worn, Ordnance View & Proof marks.