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ca. 1786
Origin: England, London
OH: 14 3/4" x OW: 10 3/4"; Plate H: 13 1/2" x W: 9 3/4"
Black and white mezzotint engraving with period hand color
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1971-480
The lower margin reads: "TOBY FILLPOT./ Printed for & Sold by BOWLES & CARVER,/ N.o 69 S.t Paul's Church Yard, LONDON./ Dear Tom this brown Jug that now foams with mild/Ale,/ (In which I will drink to sweet Nan of the Vale)/ Was once Toby Fillpot, a thirsty old Soul/ As e'er drank a Bottle, or fathom'd a Bowl./ In boozing about 'twas his praise to excell,/ And among Jolly Topers he bore off the Bell./ It chanc'd as in Dog-days he sat at his ease,/ In his Flow'r woven Arbour, as gay as you please,/ With a Friend and a Pipe, puffing Sorrow away,/ And with honest old Stingo was soaking his Clay./ His breath Doors of Life on a sudden were shut/ And he died full as big as a Dorchester Butt./ His Body when long in the Ground it had lain,/ And time into Clay had resolv'd it again:/ A Potter found out in it's Covert so snug,/ And with part of fat Toby, he form'd this brown Jug,/ Now sacred to Friendship, and Mirth and mild Ale./ So here's to my lovely sweet Nan of the Vale."