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Alms dish, one of a pair

1748 (dated)
Origin: Scotland, Edinburgh
OL: 18 1/8"; W (rim): 2 3/8"
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1973-244,1
Label:Several elements from the eighteenth-century communion service of the church at Jedburgh, Scotland, are now in the Colonial Williamsburg collection. They include a pair of flagons, a pair of communion cups, and a pair of alms dishes. (See accessions 1973-243, 1-2; 1973-242, 1-2; and 1973-244, 1-2.) Two nineteenth-century pewter communion tokens from the church are in the collection as well (accessions 1974-180 and 1974-181).
Provenance:Vendor: Richard Mundey, London.
Mark(s):Touch mark a waist-length figure of a man with "SIMPSON" and "SUPER FINE" within curved reserves above and below on underside of Well. Secondary marks (1) oblong rectangular label containing "HARD METAL" with scalloped upper and lower edges and (2) quality "X" with crown above, both on underside of well. Pseudo hallmarks (1) thistle, (2) "TS" in script, (3) rose, and (4) fleur-de-lis, each within a separate shield on underside of well.
Inscription(s):The face of each rim engraved "ASSOCIATE CONGREGATION OF JEDBURGH 1748."