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Origin: England, Chelsea
H: 6 1/2"(including handle); W: 5 7/8"; D: 5 3/8"
Soft-paste porcelain and ormolu
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1962-72
Oval basket with flaring sides molded on the exterior with basketwork naturalistically simulating the weave; the foot has a twisted border. A band of ormolu molding is mounted on the rim, on the foot, and forms a stationary loop handle. Incised triangle on exterior base.
Label:The exterior of this basket simulates woven wicker, while the interior is plain. The ormolu bail differs from those on two other recorded examples in that it is fixed, whereas the others are hinged at the basket edge.
Provenance:Ex coll: Mr. Arthur Hurst, M.G. Kaufman.
Mark(s):Incised triangle on exterior base.