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Milk jug

Origin: England, Worcester
H: 5 1/2"; Diam: 3"
Porcelain, soft-paste
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Clarke.
Acc. No. 1976-459,A&B
Bellied, soft-paste porcelain milk jug with trimmed foot and "V" shaped spout. The surface is divided into petaloid panels with curving gilt lines. No other color has been applied. There is a twisting, Rococo style handle with feathered terminals and it is highlighted with gilding. The slightly domed lid is also decorated with gilt lines and there is a line of gilding on the edge. The molded knop resembles a flower.

Provenance:Samuel M. Clarke Collection - No. 143
Mark(s):Crossed swords and 9 in underglaze blue