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Origin: England, Worcester
H: 3 5/8"; Diam: 2 3/4"
Porcelain, soft-paste
Gift of Mr. Samuel M. Clarke
Acc. No. 1993-235
Mug of finely potted warm white body with blue-ish glaze over. Of baluster form over vertical foot ring with slightly flaring lip and smoothly curving molded handle. With blue scale ground and two large reserves, and three smaller reserves arranged between. The foot ring uncolored but with a band of plain, heavy gilt. The handle with oblong central reserve, decorated with gilt bell flowers and drops and with a plain, heavy outline. The terminal marked with a leafy spray. The three smaller reserves comprising a lower one of vasiform shape and two surmounting of triangular form. All decorated with differing insects in polychrome and bordered with double-ogee scrollwork, scallops, and sprigs in ciselee gilt. The larger reserves of spirited form in the so-called "Rococo mirror" shape. The larger reserves bordered similarly to the smaller in ciselee gilt. The one reserve with large central bird of gray body, magenta head, rust tail, and yellow, magenta, and black wings. A smaller bird stands beneath in colors of blue, magenta, rust, and yellow. Another bird in blue-black flies in the distance. The birds before a slender tree with green leaves. The ground under them painted with grass and pink flowers. The other large reserve with large central bird of gray and magenta body, dark gray head, and wings of blue and rust with magenta tail feathers standing before a spindly tree. Another bird in magenta, rust, and dark charcoal perches in tree and a third in yellow, rust, and charcoal flies in the background. The tree with gray-brown trunk and bright green leaves. The ground painted with grass and foliage and with blue flowers. The painting well and very realistically done; the birds well modeled and with eye painting characteristic of Jefferyes Hamett O'Neale, but possibly done by another, equally competent hand.
Provenance:Ex Coll: Selwyn Parkinson
Sotheby's, 29 March 1966- Lot 56
Ex Coll: Morrison
A.M. George, London, June 1974
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Clarke
Mark(s):Square fret in underglaze blue.