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Origin: America, New York, Brooklyn
Unframed: 30 3/4" x 53 5/8" x 13/16" (78.1 cm. x 136.2 cm. x 2.1 cm) Framed: 32 1/8" x 54 5/8"
Oil on canvas
Gift of Lita M. Elvers in honor of her father, Abril Lamarque
Acc. No. 1991.102.3
It is difficult to determine whether Summertime represents a rural farm scene or a vacation retreat, although the details and activities depicted suggest a farm. At left a man lifts water from a well for the sheep surrounding a trough. At center right and just below the small house a woman feeds white birds, probably ducks, for others of the same variety are swimming in the water. Presumably the smaller yellow birds in the water are ducklings. Riders on horseback and a cart and horse with driver are positioned along the diagonal road at left. Two mares and their foals occupy the field at lower left, and a woman with what appears to be a whip rests beneath the tree just outside the fenced area. The two women seated on a yellow bench in front of the large house are reading or looking at a white rectangular object, possibly a newspaper.