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The Estate

Origin: America, New York, Brooklyn
Unframed: 31 1/4" x 54 1/8" (79.4 cm. x 137.5 cm.) Framed: 30 5/16" x 52 13/16"
Oil on canvas
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Abril Lamarque
Acc. No. 1980.102.1
Brightly colored canvas of detailed large white buildings, stylized trees dotting the landscape, conical mountains in shades of tan, blue and grey. Flocks of birds fly beneath undulating clouds. Sweeping and curving roads fill the canvas in the lower qudrant. A bridge crosses a river which flows into a lake or inland sea. Various groups of people involved in different activities abound. A couple on horseback ride along the road, and a shepherd and sheep dog tend the sheep in the foreground.
Modern 1-inch flat frame, painted black.
Label:Karol Kozlowski was a Polish emigre who worked from 1923 until his retirement in 1950 as a fire cleaner at the Astoria Light, Heat and Power Company in the borough of Queens, New York. His work was dirty, hot, and physically demanding. Leisure time painting must have provided emotional relief before his retirement. In the years following, Kozlowski created a number of highly successful landscapes, including THE ESTATE, which probably depicts the manicured, leisurely, and enjoyable world that Kozlowski innately yearned for or believed existed for others.
Provenance:Found in the artist's painting shed at Huron Street, Greenpoint, New York, by Abril Lamarque in 1962; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Abril Lamarque.
Mark(s):Lettered at the top in yellow paint is "THE ESTATE."