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Woven Tied Beiderwand Coverlet

Probably ca. 1870
Origin: Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, Mount Joy
Side 1 (top/bottom shirttail hems turned under): Rhand side 81" excluding irreg. fringe and 83 1/2" including fringe. Bottom 77 1/2" excluding fringe and 83" including fringe.
Red, dark blue, and lime green wools with white cotton (no fibers microscopically analyzed as of 10/31/91)
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr.
Acc. No. 1991.609.13
This is a tied Beiderwand woven seamless coverlet in lime green, dark blue, and red wools with white cotton. The coverlet is self-fringed at sides with the lower fringe formed by loops of weft wools pulled through coverlet. The centerfield design consists of a large central medallion composed of a grapevine enclosing a simple foliage wreath and, in the center, a flower. Spread eagles fill each of the four corners of the centerfield. All four sides show the same border: large tassels alternating with swags over a small repeat of squares. Each of the four corner blocks contains the same design: a bird with a fruit in its beak perches on a branch and looks back over his tail. Woven backwards and forwards into the lower border is "MADE + BY + H + STAGER + MOUNT JOY/LANCASTER + C= + PA + FAST + COLOR + NO - 1".
Provenance:Ownership prior to AARFAM's donor is unknown.