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Yellow Narcissus

ca. 1740
Origin: Germany, Nuremberg
OH: 14" OW: 10"
Gouache and watercolor on vellum
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1987-712,1A&B
The painting depicts a single narcissus stalk with a cluster of flowers and buds, two leaves, and a small beetle crawling on the left leaf. The background is a uniform dark brown layer, making the flower appear to float in space. A thin band of gold-colored paint surrounds the perimeter of the sheet, approximately 2 mm in width. The paint is opaque and matte, the application uniform and relatively thin. The vellum support is white and of medium thickness.
Label:Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706-1783), one of the finest botanical artists of the eighteenth century, was a member of an important and talented family of artists in Nuremberg. Her paintings are characterized by the use of dark, usually brown, backgrounds that in this case creates a stunning contrast to the soft, delicate flower.
Provenance:W. Graham Arader III, New York