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A Hint to the Ladies to take Care of their Heads

Origin: Great Britain, England, London
Plate trimmed: OH: 14" x OW: 9 15/16"
Mezzotint with line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1950-606
Lower margin reads: "A Hint to the Ladies to take Care of their HEADS./ London, Printed for R. Sayer [illegible] J. Bennett N.o 53 Fleet Street, as the Act directs March 1776."
Label:It is said that this is the interior of the rotunda at the Pantheon. A lady stands in the center with a headress of feathers taller than she. They have just caught fire from the hanging candelabra. A maid servant directs a jet of water from a fire-extinguisher towards the fire. A man behind her holds a board marked off as apparently to measure this coiffure. Several other ladies and gentlemen, all in macaroni type attire sit around watching this with dismay. In a small balcony above left muscians play. Towards the right workmen appear on a scaffolding at work with a mallet of some kind, but what they are doing is unknown.