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Fifty Dollars, South Carolina

April 10, 1778
Origin: America, South Carolina
3" x 5"
Paper and ink
Gift of the Lasser Family
Acc. No. 1994-210,873
Currency. Bill of Credit Fifty Dollars (on 2 sides) L81.5:0.(on bottom) SOUTH CAROLINA No 4464. This Bill entitles the Bearer to FIFTY DOLLARS, or Eighty one Pounds, five shillings, Current Money of this State pursuant to an Ordinance of the General Assembly passed the 8th of Feby 1779. In lower left corner: "PROVIDENTIA NOS" and PRESIDEAT TRIS" . Signatures: "E. Trescot. J. Atkinson. Theo. Gaillard Jr." On back Engraving of man holding rock on shoulders, ribbon at top reads "FIFTY DOLLARS"; ribbon on bottom reads: "T. Coram Sculp 1779" and "L81:5:0."

Signatures: Trescot. Atkinson. Gaillard, Jr."

Serial #4464
Label:Each denomination of the bills of credit had different mottos, figures, and decorative borders. The reverse sides are especially revealing of Coram’s talent as an artist and engraver, for they illustrate a variety of scenes with mythological subjects. The fifty-dollar example, shown here, bears the motto “Providentia nostris praeaesideat” (“Let foresight guide us”) and shows the figure of Divine Providence pointing to a globe.
Mark(s):Signatures: Trescot. Atkinson. Gaillard, Jr." Serial #4464