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Alexander Pope Esq.

Origin: Great Britian, England, London
OH: 15 7/8" X OW: 9 7/8"
Black and white line engraving and etching
Gift of Mr. R. B. Dunwoody
Acc. No. 1930-647
Name on decorative feature: "ALEXANDER POPE Esq."
Lower margin reads: "A. Pond pinxit/ In the Possession of Mr. Arthur Pond./ Impensis J. & P. Knapton Londin/ J. Houbraken suclps Amst 1741"
Label:This is one of the portraits for the Kit Kat Club and was then included in volumes of Birch's "The Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain, Engraved by Mr Houbraken and by Mr Vertue" (London, 1743-1752) (compiling of portraits of famous people); these were sold in the Colonies.

Black and white portrait print line engraving; included in the ornamentation is an allegorical scene of poet Alexander Pope (1688-1744) being offered a laurel crown by a group of assembled Greecian admirers; the Greek temple can be seen in the background; Pope has pushed aside his wig and rests his head on his hand; a sun and its rays connect the oval with the scene below.