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St. Lucia in the West Indies taken Possession of by Admiral Barrington

Origin: Great Britain, England, London
OH: 13 7/8" x OW: 9"
Black and white line engraving and etching
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1930-481
Upper margin reads: "Engraved for BARNARD's New Complete & Authentic HISTORY of ENGLAND;/ A WORK Universally Acknowledged to be the Best Performance of the Kind, on account of/ It's Impartiality, Accuracy, New Im- probvments, Superior Elegance, &c."
Lower margin reads: "Hamilton delin./ Thornton sculp./ S.t LUCIA in the WEST INDIES taken Possesion of by ADMIRAL BARRINGTON/ Monsieur de Micoud and the Inhabitants having Capitulated the of December, 1778,/ being the day after COUNT D'ESTAIGN left the Island much disconcerted."
Label:This illustration was published in Edward Barnard's, "'New Complete & Authentic History of England' (1781-83). This scene depicts the surrender of the important French fortress on the island of St. Lucia to Admiral Samuel Barrington on December 30th, 1778. St. Lucia became a strategic base for the British forces in the West Indies during the American Revolution.