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the Brasilian Jacupema of Marggraue

Origin: England, London
OH: 11 3/4" OW: 9 1/8" Plate H: 9 5/8" Plate W: 7 5/8"
Black and white line engraving with period hand color
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Austin
Acc. No. 1984-41
The print reads: "the Brasilian Jacupema of Marggraue./ G Edwards/ 1740"
Label:The 18th-century passion for gardening, collecting exotic plants, and pursuing other aspects of natural history had a significant influence on the decorative arts. Naturalistic forms proliferated from about 1735 to 1770 – the “rococo” period. The term “rococo” derived from the French word “rocaille” that described the rock work built into grottoes in pleasure gardens of the period. The rococo style is distinguished by asymmetry, lightness of form, abundance of ornament, and naturalistic motifs.