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Origin: England, Middlesex, Chelsea
H: 3"; Dia: 2 5/8"
Porcelain, soft-paste
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1962-60
Molded, soft-paste porcelain beaker with a trimmed, circular foot. The molded rim has eight lobes. The decoration in relief resembles a tea-plant. There are four branches with leaves and flowers. The branches start at the base and spiral counter clockwise, terminating at the rim of the beaker. No color has been applied.
Label:Although the beaker is the most frequently surviving form of the tea-plant-decorated Chelsea porcelain, none appears to be marked with the usual incised triangle. At least six examples have painted crowns and tridents, the only tea-plant form so marked. An identical beaker in the CWF collection is marked in that way (1962-63).
Provenance:Ex coll: M.G. Kaufman