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Alauda Vulgaris. Alouette. The Sky Lark.

Origin: England, London
OH:6 7/8" x OW: 8 7/8"
Black and white etching with period hand color
Gift funds from Margaret S. Gill in memory of Ethel S. Rea
Acc. No. 1990-242
The lower margin reads: "E. Albin delin./ Alauda Vulgaris./ Alouette./ The Sky Lark."
Label:Better known for his works on insects, Eleazar Albin did publish one book on birds, called NATURAL HISTORY OF BIRDS. The 306 images and extensive descriptions are often inaccurate. The beauty and accuracy of Albin's original drawings of moths on view in this gallery show his primary interest and expertise was on insects, not birds.