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Grand Piano, Lockboard

Origin: England, London
Gift of Mrs. Irene Bernard Hilliard
Acc. No. 2000-67,A
Provenance:Originally owned by Thomas Rutherfoord of Richmond, VA; remained in family until 2000 when it was given to CWF by descendent Irene Bernard Hilliard

The piano was purchased by Thomas Rutherfoord (1766-1852), a wealthy Richmond, Virginia, merchant, for his daughter, Jane Rutherfoord Meade (1795-1839), most probably from Adam Stodart, a Richmond musical instrument dealer, and a relative of the maker of the piano. Adam Stodart is known to have imported pianos made by his London relatives, William and Matthew Stodart.

Jane Rutherfoord Meade gave the piano to her niece, Frances "Fanny" Rutherfoord Bernard, who gave it to her daughter, Janet Bernard Madison, who gave it to her niece, Irene Bernard Hilliard, donor of the piano. Mrs. Hilliard is a first cousin once removed of Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin, the son of Mrs. Hilliard's great-aunt, Letitia Moore Goodwin.
• "1672" in pencil on bottom underside
• "Stephens N 71 / July 10th 1816 / GB [?]36 No 1672" in pencil on back of nameboard, readable only under infra-red examination
• "[illegable]" in ink on key 1
• "[illegable]" in ink on key 2
• "A. Reid" stamped on top of right keyboard bracket
• "Eiloart / No. 30" in pencil on underside of right candle stand of music desk
• "G B" stamped into endgrain of two tenons visible on underside of front leg-mounting cleat

Written on reverse of nameboard: "Stephens No 71/July 10th 1816/DB 536 No 1672"