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Pattern 1756 Land Service Musket

Origin: England, London and Birmingham
OL: 61 3/4" Barrel: 46" x .78 caliber
Walnut, iron, steel and brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1982-7
Pattern 1756 Long Land Pattern musket of standard form, with walnut stock, round barrel, rounded brass mounts and straight-bottomed Pattern 1755 double-bridled lock. Other Pattern 1756 features include a cast-brass nosecap, a steel rammer and a long trumpet-mouthed top rammer pipe.
Label:Though Britain began producing Land Pattern muskets with steel rammers during the French & Indian War, it only issued them to regiments being sent into action in Europe. Since the steel rammer was smaller in diameter than a wooden one, pipes with a reduced diameter were incorporated into the new pattern, along with a long trumpet-mouthed pipe near the muzzle. It is believed that Pattern 1756 muskets first arrived in America in the late 1760s or very early 1770s.
Mark(s):Lock engraved with "Crown GR" ahead of cock and "VERNON / 1761" in two lines behind, and a "Crowned Broad Arrow" is struck under the pan. Barrel is struck with the usual Ordnance View & Proof marks, in addition to the maker's mark "IW" under a star (for John Whately). Barrel is also engraved with "31 REGT" and the wristplate is engraved "B / 7."