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Pattern 1769 Land Service Musket

Origin: England, London and Birmingham
OL: 57 7/8" Barrel: 42" x .80 caliber
Walnut, iron, steel and brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-187
Pattern 1769 Land service musket of standard form, with walnut stock, round barrel, rounded brass mounts and straight-bottomed Pattern 1755 double-bridled lock.
Label:Breaking with tradition, newly-built Brown Bess infantry musket had their barrel shortened from 46 inches to 42 inches by an order in 1769. True, it did make the new “Short Land Pattern” musket slightly lighter and less expensive, but that wasn’t the only change. Instead of being in high rounded relied, the sideplate was now flat, and inlet flush with the stock. Pattern 1769 muskets were built with a modernized version of the standard lock which omitted the date and included only the word TOWER engraved behind the cock.
Mark(s):Lock engraved with "Crown GR" ahead of cock with "TOWER" behind, and a "Crowned Broad Arrow" is struck under the pan. Barrel is struck with the usual Ordnance View & Proof marks, in addition to the maker's mark "IW" under a star (for John Whately).