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Woven Overshot Blue and White Coverlet

Origin: America, Southeast, Tennessee, Rockwood
Overall (H x W): 95 3/4 x 64 3/4in. (243.2 x 164.5cm)
Cotton and wool
Gift of Beatrix T. Rumford
Acc. No. 2006.609.3
This rectangular, blue and white coverlet has a geometric design shown through an overshot weave. The design consists of pointed ovals, related to the Pine Bloom pattern. The coverlet is made from two panels and seamed vertically down the center. The sides are selvedges, and the top and bottom edges are hemmed.
Label:This coverlet gets its geometric design through an overshot weave. During weaving, the blue threads are shot over the plain weave fabric, giving the structure its name. The extra threads mean the coverlet is thicker and warmer than it would be otherwise, while also being decorative.
Provenance:The coverlet was collected in 1922 by maternal grandmother of Beatrix Rumford, Elsie Bachman Clymer of Utica, NY, Rockwood, TN, and Bucks County, PA.