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Young goats

Origin: England, Middlesex, Chelsea
D: 2 9/16in. (6.5cm); H: 2 5/8in. (6.7cm); W: 4 3/4in. (12.1cm)
Porcelain, Soft-paste
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1962-56
Molded, soft-paste porcelain figure of two young goats with short horns and large ears. They are lying on a low mound with applied flowers and tri-lobe leaves. One goat has its legs tucked, head turned 3/4 to the left, and tail extended up. The other goat has its body curved around the first goat's shoulder. Its left forefoot is extended and its tail is down. No color has been applied.
Label:This figure group of a pair of recumbent kids is one of two recorded examples and the only one in white. The other, in polychrome, may have been decorated by William Duesbury.
Provenance:Ex coll: Bellamy Gardner, London, M.G.Kaufman, Chicago
Purchased from: Tilley & Co.
Mark(s):Anchor in relief on medallion applied to base.