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Water bottle

ca. 1760
Origin: England, Liverpool (probably)
H: 10 1/8"; D: 6 1/2"
Tin-glazed earthenware (delft)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1961-101,1
Globular-bodied bottle with small cylindrical foot ring, tall neck, and knop below everted rim. Bluish tin glaze decorated in blue with major motif of peony and feathers in a basket plus floral sprays; on one side of the knop, the initials TM; on the other, the date 1714.
Label:Although the bottle bears the date 1714, that is not the year the piece was manufactured. The decoration is typical of about 1760 and can be seen on dinnerware of that period, for example, a partial service in the CWF collection (accession 1960-927) and a tureen (accession 1987-555). The early date may have been an error created when the decorator painted a 1 instead of a 6, or the bottle could have been inscribed to commemorate the anniversary of an event, perhaps the birth of TM. A basin was acquired with the bottle (accession 1961-101, 2), and even though the color of the glazes differ the two pieces may have been produced as a set.
Provenance:F. Bennett-Goldney
A. Lambert
Tilley & Co., London
Inscription(s):TM and 1714.