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Wine bottle

Origin: England, London
OH: 6 1/2"
Tin-glazed earthenware (delft)
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Miodrag R. Blagojevich
Acc. No. 1985-83
Globular bottle with narrow banded neck, strap-loop handle, and flared base. White tin glaze decorated in blue with the inscription "SACK / 1647" and figure-eight swirls beneath.
Label:In the seventeenth century the term sack was used for yellow and white wine imported into England from southern Europe, particularly from Spain and the Canary Islands. Nearly 70 percent of the recorded dated wine bottles were made between 1644 and 1652. At least ten and as many as forty are recorded for each of these years, and at least two are recorded per year for the periods 1639-1643 and 1653-1663. The earliest dated example is 1621, and the latest seventeenth-century example is dated 1676. The one eighteenth-century bottle that fits into this category is dated 1719. The London attribution is based on the early date and on the color of the glaze.
Provenance:Col. and Mrs. Miodrag Blagojevich
Inscription(s):Sack 1647