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Wet Drug Jar

Ca. 1810
Origin: England, Staffordshire (probably)
Earthenware, lead-glazed (pearlware)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1947-206
Wet drug jar or apothecary jar. Trumpet foot rises to bulbous body with wide open mouth at top and short cylindrical spout to side opposite the brown painted decoration reading "SYR : AURANTII" within a ribbon-like banner.
Label:Wet drug jars are spouted apothecary vessels that contained syrups of all types. This example with its painted banner reading "SYR : AURANTII" was meant to contain Syrupus Aurantii or the Syrup of Orange which was used for flavoring, especially in medicinal remedies of the period. The Dictionary of Practical Medicine published in 1833, for example, lists it as an ingredient in multiple concoctions.