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Wine bottle

Origin: England, London
OH: 4 3/8"; D: 3 3/4"
Tin-glazed earthenware
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Miodrag R. Blagojevich
Acc. No. 1985-84
Sack bottle: globular bottle with narrow banded neck, strap-loop handle, and flared base. White tin glaze decorated in blue with the inscription "SACK 1649" and figure-eight swirls beneath.
Label:A study of the overall height of the 219 dated seventeenth-century wine bottles recorded with dimensions by Louis Lipski reveals that 85 percent are between 5 and 8 inches high and almost half are between 6 and 7 inches high. At the top end of the scale are two bottles measuring 9-5/8 inches and one measuring 10 inches. At the other end only eleven are recorded as being less than 5 inches, all but one being 4-1/2 inches or larger; the smallest one, measuring 4-3/8 inches, is exactly the same size as this example. This bottle is not published in Lipski and Archer.
Provenance:Col. and Mrs. Miodrag Blagojevich
Inscription(s):SACK 1649